TBS meeting – February 10, 2020



Time: 7:00 pm
Location: Toronto Botanical Garden

February 10 – 7:00 pm

  • Main Meeting
    Discussion panel on pots and stands with makers and collectors
    Since the inception of the TBS, our members have not only been honing their horticultural and design skills when it comes to trees, but also in regards to the pots and stands, the “sai”, they are displayed in and on. Some make pots, stands, slabs, 3D printed root stands; others collect them, not only as a suitable match with a tree, but for the artistry and beauty of the object itself.

    At this meeting we will be hosting an open discussion where techniques, aesthetics, history,  motivation – in essence, all related facets can be broached. Everyone is welcome to bring pots and stands and share, and/or sell.

  • Demonstration
    Golden joinery is a traditional method of repairing broken, cracked, and chipped ceramic pottery to highlight the repair with bright metal rather than trying to disguise it. The traditional technique involves the use of lacquer and metal powders which unfortunately are not weatherproof and effective for bonsai planting. In this technical variation we will demonstrate how with easily accessible modern materials you can repair your own broken bonsai pots and put them back in use while adding an aesthetic value to them.
  • Pots and stands for sale
    You can bring some pots and stands to sell at this meeting. If you’d like to bring any items for sale, the TBS gets 10% of the sales prices. Payment methods accepted: cash or cheque. Please fill in a sales sheet and label each item individually, as we do for during the shows: http://torontobonsai.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/TBS_Show_SellSheet_form.pdf
  • Indoor grow lights for sale
    We have received a donation of three (3) T4 grow lights from Lily Tsirulnikov, with full spectrum lightbulbs and we will be selling them at the meeting for $20 each. Cash and carry only please (you will need a car to transport them).