TBS meeting – January 13, 2020



Time: 7:00 pm
Location: Toronto Botanical Garden

January is Tropicals Month!

We would like to welcome Nigel Saunders and Chris Hendry, as they join our own Mike Pochwat and Connor Davies, who will lead a discussion on growing tropical bonsai in Southern Ontario. Please bring your own trees to show and tell, or if you have any specific questions about them.
Nigel Saunders will also style a tree that will be raffled off at the end of the evening!

Workshop – Ficuses
There will be eight [8] ficuses available at $40 each for the workshop, provided by Chris Hendry, the Bonsai Guy!
Ficuses are a great indoor tropical tree, and are easy to care for if you are a beginner. Some species are fast  growing, while others are a little slower (giving you a bit more time to ponder on what you want to do with them!). They can be developed into beautiful trees with  care and creativity!