TBS meeting – March 09, 2020



Time: 7:00 pm
Location: Toronto Botanical Garden

March 9 – 7:00 pm

  • Bonsai substrate discussion, spring fertilizer routine.
    As another growing season begins and our trees wakeup again, it will be time to think about preparing substrate for repotting. While there are lots of opinions on this topic out there.  There are variations in substrate mixes based on species of trees/plants, on what is available locally, and on climate factors. A panel of society members will share their insight on potting materials they have used and what works best for them, and where they source it from. The discussion will carry over into their own fertilizer program for the coming spring.
  • Discussion on time, and the value of age in bonsai, suiseki and kusamono.
    Although we likely all began down the bonsai path with a stick in a pot, and a pop culture understanding on what bonsai is, as we mature within it we begin to see and understand the value of Time and how that comes into play within this art form.
  • T-shirt contest VOTE!
    Vote on your favourite 2020 TBS T-shirt design! All designs will be shown anonymously. T-shirts will be available to order at the April meeting, and via email after the design is voted on.