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Toronto Bonsai Fall Show Posted Oct 16, 2013 By TBS Webmaster

October 19 & 20 (Saturday & Sunday) the TBS will be hosting our fall show at the Toronto Botanical Garden. There will be many Bonsai

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Welcome back! Posted Sep 04, 2013 By TBS Webmaster

Welcome back from our summer break! – Hope you like the new look and readability of the site. There is still a lot of migration

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Maples Posted Apr 10, 2002 By Reiner Goebel

Maples – a rhapsody of colours and textures in spring and fall, majestic when in full foliage in summer, and even in winter, they delight

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Collecting American Larch Posted Apr 09, 2002 By Reiner Goebel

Location: The American larch is a member of the pine family. It grows in most parts of Canada and the north-eastern United States. In Canada,

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Blauwii Juniper (Juniperus chinensis ‘Blauwii’) Posted Apr 04, 2002 By John Biel

There are quite a few varieties of junipers used for bonsai. Among them is the Blaauwi juniper (Juniperus chinensis ‘Blaauwi”), sometimes called the poor man’s

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